My Testimony

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“The Richest Part of the World is the Graveyard, lays an abundance of talent, that was never pursued, a dream that was never fulfilled.” - S.I.R


I am lost, I am scared, I am alone. God, Can you hear me? , Are you real?, Are you here?


I need you.


Show me.


I am S.I.R, I am her, with God, I surrender, I was no where, with fear, when all along God is here, with grace & love, with a lot of gifts, my Art……I grew.


Welcome to a part of me. My 5th year testimony.


Once upon a time, lonely girl, found herself in darkness.


5 years ago today, a clueless Lonely Girl, lived in Tampa, FL.


The Sunshine State, living a dream, surrounded by glitz and glamor. Loving the freedom to do - for others.


Each and every second, minute, hour and day. A part of my soul was dying and I was drowning.

I’ve had an exhausting battle of borderline alcoholism, depression, anxiety, left with a broken heart, ,penniless, jobless and homeless. Unloved and not listened to.. I was lost and wanted to die.

The darkness was drowning me.

I lost all hope , God saved me, his child and set me free. He reached to me and showed me the light of his love. 

The best experience of my life. 

With God, I felt comfort, direction and love. I went back to New Jersey, home.

In God I trust. Art by Sir, was born through the gift of God.

I am the living testimony of my Father God.

Give in to the lord, all things through Christ, gives you love and strength.

With my gift that speaks through my Art to the Latin Culture.

 Thank you for reading my testimony.


Source: Matthews 6:21

- “For where your treasure is, there your Heart will be also.”